Monday, July 8, 2013

The Other Social Media Platform

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The first thing that will come to mind when you hear "social media" is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And, they should. After all, these three are currently the faces of social media, along with others. But to me, the long lost cousin of the social media family tree is blogging.

When I think of blogging, I think if it as a platform for individuals to express their creativity in ways that sites like Facebook and Twitter can't. It's not that these sites won't allow it, but they don't grant the creative space necessary for extensive pieces of work. Blogging has become a way for anyone to vent, express, discuss and do just about anything else you can think of when it comes to individuality.

It is very easy to see why blogging can be pushed to the back of the social media network line. It is not the "sexy" choice to want to connect with friends and family unlike a Facebook or Twitter account. But what blogging lacks in appeal it most certainly makes up for in the freedom department. As I alluded to earlier, blogging allows its users to become one with whatever they choose to write. It is almost like a judgment free zone when it comes to blogging. Blogging gives you room to express and explain if need be, unlike other social media sites where you say something that can be deemed controversial by your peers and you are at the mercy of their ridicule.

Recently blogging has started to pick up steam in the business world as way to market and connect with fans that don't follow them on the traditional social media platforms. I believe this is a great idea and that more businesses should get involved in blogging. It is very easy to promote through Facebook or Twitter, but blogging requires a certain level of creativity that goes above and beyond what other sites require. To blog for your business shows that you are versatile and want to connect with your customers from all over, not just the ones who follow you on Facebook.

I believe that each social media network has its place. They all play an integral role in helping a business expand, promote and market. Instagram allows you to post pictures. Twitter allows you to give minute by minute updates on any breaking news, and Facebook can help you market your product and promote. Blogging plays the role of being abstract and thought provoking and lets the customer really get a chance to see what the company is like. While all these sites are different, they have the common goal of supporting your business and doing its part to make sure it is successful as it can be.

Blogging doesn't follow the beaten path of its other social media counterparts. It gets a little more in depth and allows you to get personal on levels that other sites won't.

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