Friday, August 2, 2013

Get the Media to Market Your Product for You

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Writing solid press releases can create intrigue in your business and spread word of new products you wish to make public. If the press release is done right, your product will be marketed for you through interest from the media, which will translate into exposure to new customers. If you want to see your business make its way into magazines, newspapers or even television, then putting together a press release with the right elements is essential. To make an attractive press release, you must grab your audience's attention, make it short and sweet, and provide convincing evidence to back up what you say.

No matter what you're writing, it's key to maintain your audience's interest so they continue to read, and press releases are no different. First, write a gripping headline that both identifies your subject and leaves your audience wanting to know more. Initial impressions mean everything, and a compelling headline will give you an edge, but keep a hold of your audience once they begin to read the body of the press release. Try not to stray from hard facts, flowery or abstract writing should be kept out of the picture.

A one or two page press release is the appropriate length. Dragging on too long is an automatic turn off and landing too short makes it looks like you don't have enough good things to say about your product. It may be difficult to keep your press release short and quick at first, but if you cut down on filler and stick with concrete, need-to-know information, you'll have better luck keeping their attention. Getting straight to the point, within the first paragraph is a must. You don't need a long, drawn out introduction to your product or you'll risk losing your audience, just cut to the chase.

Potential customers always reach the point in a pitch where they need proof. Back up your product by providing them with the facts, the evidence that shows your product can live up to what you claim. Statistics and numbers are always good things to include in a press release in order to show your product's capabilities and subtly compare your product with what your competition has to offer.

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