Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Taking Steps to Build Up Your Social Media Reputation

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Most brands understand the importance of building a social network online. Establishing a Twitter handle, a Facebook page, and LinkedIn profile gives every company the chance to compete in the current virtual landscape of social-based consumerism. If you want your online interests, either for you or your company, to grow, then you must utilize social media.

It is crucial for any brand to take control of their social media interests. The most successful companies or individuals in the social media world set an example of authority, while also implementing and carrying out creative strategies. These brands prove that there is more work to be done on social media sites beyond the initial login process. There is more than one way to set a brand apart, and by taking a few different routes, you can follow in the footsteps of success.

The first step, is to provide truly inspiring posts via Facebook, through uploaded videos, memes, links or quotes that are “share” worthy. Go beyond a sales pitch or an informational pamphlet, tap into a universally human emotion or an area in need of motivation. Reach out to your consumers on a professional, yet personal, level.  

The next goal is to provide coupons or deals specifically designed for your Twitter followers. Give your followers a discount or bonus that isn't given to any other social media user or found in any newspaper. Something that your customers can take into the stores with them, and greatly increase foot traffic. Or, you can market another type of tangible reward, a reward for their continued support and following of your Twitter account.

The final step, is to allow your fans and followers to create portions of your social media for you. Have open contests for promotional artwork, or the next television advertisement. Encourage your viewers to become part of the team by submitting their ideas and casting their votes on the outcome.  

These methods of involvement in social networking are not just for companies and corporations, but any professional who wants to brand herself or himself as someone worthy of notice. If you desire to develop a robust online reputation, you must begin by taking strong initiative in your own social media activity, this is a guaranteed method to display your wealth of knowledge and passion within your field.

By Quincy Grant,
Press Secretary,

Monday, August 12, 2013

Negative Video Suppresion

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With the increasing numbers of citizen journalists, online videos are becoming more and more common. This escalates the chances of videos being published that harm your online reputation. These largely positive social technologies can have sinister downsides for companies that choose not to monitor such digital information.

From large scale anti-advertisements, to a simple picture slideshow. A clip from a bloggingsite, or an endorsed campaign. Negative videos can come from anywhere and anyone. The larger your company grows the larger the risk grows of negative media and videos, which could seriously and permanently damage your reputation.

Attacks on reputation are becoming far more sophisticated and targeted then they were in the past. One contributing factor is that the attackers have the ability to extensively research their target. They can do this by pulling information published on the victims own site and social networks.

A popular blogger might spend hours researching the names, titles, and job descriptions of your corporate employees. This is public information found on your company website, seemingly innocent. But, this true information could give credibility to a false accusation. A viewer of the video may reason that all other facts presented in the video about the company in question are correct, so the false accusation must be true as well.

It is not uncommon that negative attacks are fueled by public knowledge, you can become a vulnerable target by your the public information you yourself supplied to online sources. Of course, you could protect yourself by keeping your head in the sand, not participating in social media, but you would also be missing the benefits of these services.

Unfortunately, burying your head in the sand cannot turn back the clock on damage already done and the negative videos already appearing in search results. Videos are likely to show up in the first three pages of search results. Once they are published and searched, these videos can be shared, sent, and uploaded via email, Facebook, and other social networking sites.  

At Centel Media™, we offer “Negative Video Suppression.” A solution in which we create nearly 100 positive videos in order to push negative videos back past the third page where they won’t be seen. We publish these positive videos on various sites, including social media outlets, to increase their exposure and chances of dominating the first couple of search engine results pages.

Keep Your Press Releases Fresh!

Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
Would you host a birthday party and wait until it started to invite your friends? As a business, would you wait for your new product to be placed on the shelves before you advertised its arrival? If you want success in either of these situations, you send out invitations and directions to the party, you build a buzz of anticipation for your product.

Press releases are used to announce a wide range of news items, such as scheduled events, personal promotions, accomplishments, awards, new products and services, sales and other financial data. They are often used in generating a feature story or are sent for the purpose of creating a greater attendance to news conferences or upcoming events.

Press releases serve two purposes at Centel Media™. They are used for article suppression, but more importantly, they are used to give you or your company more publicity. Through these press releases, we promote your product and generate press to bring you clients and customers. After we create press releases, we post them on 14 press sites for distribution, where they begin to populate search engine results pages.

Press releases are all about sharing your message and engaging with your audiences. Because visibility is the first step toward success, a distribution network that is optimized for search engines is essential to the success of your brand's reputation.

Besides distribution for search engines, another important element in the success of press releases is the frequency of information. Sites with frequently updated content typically rank higher in search engines. Out of date news will be boring for your returning customers and unhelpful or frustrating for new customers.

Keep your site updated with recent news about your business, articles or tips related to your products or services. Publish new testimonials from your customers or positive reviews of your business found in other publications. Even if you have no new information to present to the public, you can update your site by sprucing things up.

This may seem obvious, but a site that looks professional and offers a good experience for visitors will get more traffic, more referrals, higher rankings in search engines, which means more popularity above your competitor.

The Webs of Social Media

Centel Media,,  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
Read an article from any section of a popular online news journal. At the bottom of the article there will be eight small, brightly colored, creatively shaped icons. These are the sharing options; these are just the quick links, the top, most popular eight social media platforms used for sharing this article.

Press “Facebook” as your sharing option of the article, and instantly a new window appears with even more sharing options; on your timeline, in a group, public, private, write your own commentary, include the thumbnail. This is just one example, one social networking option. The options are vast; the means of online connection are endless.   

The internet is truly a “net,” called a web for many reasons; everything is interconnected, tied together and built upon its relation to the neighboring link. In our technologically driven society, social media sites have a huge impact on our daily lives, both personal and professional. Social networking sites are the spiders that weave all our business “webs” together.  

For example, corporate social media sites that receive a large number of likes or followers are going to be partially responsible that corporations online reputation and popularity. Online platforms such as social networking sites, are the catalyst of business growth, they are the virtual equivalent to the traditional “word-of-mouth.”   

For instance, you and five of your business associates read the same article from the online news journal. You and one other shared the article via Facebook, but two of your business associates shared the article via Twitter, and the remaining associate shared the article via e-mail with his entire contact list.

That sounds like a middle school math problem, and there is no correct formula. The numbers are all dependent on those individuals and companies involved in social media.
It’s important that we capitalize upon what others are using, and that’s social media.

With Centel Media™ optimization service, we guarantee an influx of Facebook likes, as well as Twitter followers, depending on your needs. We will also create professional social media accounts for you, and if needed, we will add logos and headers. Logos and headers will add interest and give your pages a polished appearance. These small improvements can greatly affect the online popularity and essentially the overall growth of your brand.

Different Strategies To Maximize Your Online Reputation

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It does not matter if you're a professional, business owner, or a student, your online reputation is starting to become if not already the biggest asset that one could hold. The dream job that you been day dreaming of having, or that business that you want to run into making millions are all dependent on how your image is perceived through the internet. Do not make the foolish mistake of ignoring on how other people view your reputation through the internet, it does matter.

There are different strategies that you could take in order to be on top of things, but you should have a variety of different techniques in order to be more efficient. Your first step is to set up some kind of an alert that will notify you when there is anything circulating the internet that involves your brand name. Negative content involving your name is something that you want to be on top of, do not ignore the situation because this will only make matters worse. 

Customers have the right to voice their opinion, let them. If they have negative comments to say about your brand name do not over react. Try to get down to the root of the problem and fix it. You could take the positive approach when dealing with frustrated customers because this indicates that there are areas that you could improve in. 

Just as there are negative reviews there are also positive ones as well. The best way to receive positive reviews is to encourage your customers to say so, but also give them an unbelievable customer experience. The best way to get a customer to write a positive review is for them to go through an experience that is worth mentioning about. A simple mediocre experience will not do the job, keep that in mind. 

As mentioned above, the way you respond to negative reviews is vital. Deciding to ignore negative reviews will be detrimental to your business because it indicates that you do not care about your customers. Make sure that you do not give off this type of vibe. Take a deep breath, clear your mind, and do not overreact when it comes to responding to negative reviews.

Friday, August 9, 2013

What Businesses Expect

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Now before you think I am sympathizing with big businesses and companies that make billions of dollars a year in profit I am not. What I am doing is simply explaining your rights as customers of these large corporations, yes the rights you have but were unaware of. It is a secret that you the customer control more of the store than you think you do, a majority of how a store is built inside and out is a result of trying to appease to you the customer.

Just like the customer has expectations of a business, a business has expectations of the customer just with a lot less freedom. Businesses expect customers to not only spend money (which is a given ) but above all they want loyalty. In no way is a business in any position to demand loyalty but it would be nice to have that solid foundation to call upon. I will say that there is a lot of loyalty on both sides of the fence and it is because of that loyalty that businesses have been around for over fifty years making positive profits.

Technology is a major driving force behind customer and business loyalty. Social Media has allowed businesses to in a way get a bit more personal with their customers which has created some relationships and destroyed some. But what social media has done is provide a 24/7 olive branch that is available year round. As customers the least we can do is give our feedback when a company asks, I myself am guilty of not taking any surveys or giving feedback.  

Our feedback is important because it is how a business plans its next move, contrary to what we believe a business needs us to survive and operate. If people stopped shopping at one store and went to another what do you think would happen to the store that lost customers? They would shut down they can't operate,there is no profit coming in. So if we do one thing let it be something that benefits us in the long run and feedback is what is going to benefit both us and the business.

 Often times we hear customers complain about certain businesses but it gets deeper than that and most of the time those same complaints are unjust and very damaging. Customers are not required to spend their money at one place we have the freedom to roam but we can't be upset about changes that we were informed of but ignored. If you love a brand do yourself a favor and stay informed and do the business a favor and give feedback.

The business customer relationship is a two way street though their may be more give and take on one end, both sides benefit from working with each other. 

What Customers Expect

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Expectations fluctuate depending on who they are placed upon. A business that has had a lot of hype and excitement built around it is going to have an enormous amount of expectation around it. Conversely a business with little to no fanfare will have little expectation. While expectations can motivate and excite it can also be very pressure intense if you can't handle it. It is important that as a business owner that you know your companies limits and that includes employees, know how far to push before you have to scale back.

As consumers we have standards and we hold certain brands and companies to a certain level of expectation. We expect a your business to provide a certain level of customers service and that your product be of the highest quality bar none. Customers place expectations on businesses based on how they promote and carry themselves. If you paint a picture of your company being a "luxury brand" we expect the service that a 'luxury brand" is required to provide.

It is all about perception and projection. You project your business to be viewed a certain way and if we "the customers" see it that way then that is the reputation you will have. With that being said only a handful of things stand above your businesses reputation, in fact your reputation is the hub of your business. It extends its roots and branches to areas such as profit,promotion,operations and all that your business entails. As you can clearly see your reputation both online and in your brick and mortar store is very important and if you don't take care of it your business will crumble from the inside out.

The customers expectations are somewhat based on your reputation, if your reputation is positive then the expectation level will be high, if it is negative then you have a lot of work ahead of you because you now have several factors against you now. Profit loss is starting to occur, fewer people are going in to your stores and visiting your website and this is just the tip of the iceberg. As a business owner it is important that you work to keep customers expectations of your company high. Those companies that have low expectations are barely operating, it should be taken as a challenge to keep your customers interested and loyal to you.

Yes the work is hard but the admiration of your company by your customers should be enough to keep you going.