Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Uncharted Territory

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Diversity in business is a good thing. It is often said that you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket, but to spread them around evenly. If you have reached a certain level of success in one particular sector and now feel it is time to expand and move on to another, it can be exciting. Still, there should also be a level of nervousness because you are entering a different business world.

Moving into another business sector can often times feel like the first day of school. You are by yourself and there is no one coming up to you asking if you want to sit with them at lunch or be friends. Why should they? After all, you are coming in to get a piece of their pie after you have completely finished another one. So, feeling alone should not come as a surprise. It is important that you are able to try and transfer some of the good business experience you had in your previous business into your new one.

One thing that is very important is that your reputation is positive. You can't move from one business to another with a negative reputation. Once news gets out that you are looking to make a transition into another area of business, the critics and skeptics will come out in full force to destroy you. So make sure when you are searched online you come up positive and there is nothing that can bring negative attention to your new venture.

Promotion is key in business and it will mean even more to you when you are moving into a different business section. To get the word out about your new move, social media will become very important. You already have a strong fan-base, so you will be able relay the message to them via social media. This will be the easiest way for you to also attract new customers. You might even steal a few customers from your new competitors, much to their dismay.

They won't be too happy about your arrival and they most definitely won't be happy with you taking some of their customers, but that is the name of the game. You will be talked about negatively to customers and it will affect you in some way. Some customers might choose to not continue service with you. The best response to that is to keep operating your business and let that do the talking for you. You don't want unnecessary conflict that can take your focus away. Remember, you're still new to this sector and though you have had immense success in the past it is a new day and a new chapter.

Moving on to a new challenge can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Before you move, be sure that there is nothing that can come up and destroy your business before it begins. 

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