Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Maintaining a Loyal Customer Base

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It is easier to say you are loyal than actually completing the act of being loyal. It often an overused word that over the years has developed many definitions and meanings. What one person may think loyalty is another person might have a totally different perspective on it. Is loyalty at times overrated, yes in some instances but it is very much underrated as well. Customer loyalty is very important to your business and when you have solid customer loyalty it is very important to reward them.

With businesses popping up all over the place something you can thank technology for, getting customers is now easier than ever right. I mean you have to be a caveman if you don't have a computer and your phone should be smarter than you. The gadgets are very nice but that won't attract customers to you and it definitely won't sell anything for you. You could have the best mobile app in the world and your website could be the most beautifully designed website running, it is going to take a little bit more work than that.

How much work you ask well that depends on the owner and his or her drive to be successful , stand out from the competition and deliver the best product and service imaginable. In other words there's a lot of work to be done if you want to develop loyal customer base. Starting with the basics whatever sectors you choose to do business in always remember to be honest with your customers. Speaking as a consumer the worst thing you can do as an owner is make false promises or not admit when you're wrong or have made a mistake.

It is a proven fact that when you're open and honest you will be forgiven much faster than if you lied, granted the forgiving process takes time nonetheless you can find yourself back in the good graces of your customers in due time. With honesty taken care of let’s get to the service and products, what you won't do another will. I mentioned earlier that businesses are all over and you would be hard pressed to find one business that specializes in one field and not have any competition. You're competing for business so it is important that your product stands out and is the well ahead of your rivals.

Your services has to be just as good, customer service, shipping, prices and inventory has to always be on point. Customers today have so many options to choose from so you will constantly be measured by your competition detail for detail. Knowing all of this is key to longevity and loyal customers, I’ve mentioned before if customers feel comfortable using your products they will continue to give you their business for a very long time. It's a win-win for both sides in my book.  

Starting and creating a business is a headache in its own right, now you have to make sure that your business attracts customers and keeps them doing business with you for many years to come.

Etymology and Understanding Our Online Origins

Etymology is the study of the origin of words and the ways in which their meanings have historically developed. In understanding the meaning of words, their origins, and their application to our lives, we begin at the root of the word and dissect it. “Photography” for instance is derived from the Greek photos - for “light” and graphos- for “drawing.”
Applying these same rules to our modern, online vocabulary, we can discover the deeper meanings of social networks use every day. Most titles or names seem self-explanatory at first glance; “Pinterest,” “YouTube,” and “Facebook” for example. We are so familiar with these networks that we gloss over their true meanings and functions.
As with most modern technological names, Facebook does not follow the traditional patterns of name origin. But, by dissecting the word, perhaps we can derive a new meaning applicable to our online selves.  The website began as ’“facemash” which derived from the nickname of Harvard student directories. When the site launched the second time it was renamed “The FaceBook,” which we all know now as “Facebook.”
If we apply the same logic to the word Facebook, dissecting it, the first word being “face” deriving from the Latin word facies- for “appearances”. The second word being “book” deriving from the Latin word codex, meaning the modern equivalent of book carved into a "block of wood".

In applying etymology to our online reputation, we can see that Facebook could literally mean carving our appearance in a block of wood. While this may not be as permanent as carving into stone, the basic gesture of carving has a significant impact, especially when it comes to our reputation. We are carving our online reputations. Therefore it is vital for us to remain consistent and constantly aware that we have an appearance to consider, not only of ourselves, but those we represent, and those who represent us.
The physical layout and design of your online self, on Facebook or other social medias, is vital. The initial appearances found online mimics the first impressions we often experience in person. Managing an online reputation can be exhausting and time consuming, especially when there are countless networking sites already demanding detailed management and more sites coming into popularity each day. While Facebook may seem like a fun pastime, or a way to keep in contact with old friends, and distance family, it is also a valuable tool in which we can carve our onlinereputations.

Summary: In applying etymology to our onlinereputation, we can see that Facebook could literally mean carving our appearance in a block of wood. Therefore it is vital for us to remain consistent and constantly aware that we have an appearance to consider, not only of ourselves, but those we represent, and those who represent us. 

What is Your Online Reputation Worth?

Centel Media, www.centelmedia.com, centelmedia.com  Online Reputation Management, Online Reputation Repair, Remove Rip Off Reports
If you could put a price on your online reputation what would it be? Would people think it’s too high or too low? Well to answer those questions you don't have to put numbers on them yourself the reviews and comments that people post about your company can tell you the answer.

Too many negative comments and you should know your price is going to be low and there is a lot of improvement needed. A mixture of bad and good means you are on the right track but there is still a lot of work to do to get rid of the negative comments or at least cut them down. If you get a majority of positive comments it is safe to say that you should continue doing what you are doing. Your company is working hard to please customers and they are satisfied with what you are giving them.

Don't rest on your laurels just yet. As long as other companies and businesses have room for improvement they will always be working their way up the ladder in hopes of one day taking your spot. It is the beauty of competition. If we say this company is better than yours and you disagree prove it. Show us why we are wrong and you are right. It will push both companies to bring out the best in each other, with the ultimate winner being the customer.

In today's business world your image and reputation is just as important as the profit you are bringing in, in fact it might be even more important because a bad image or reputation can lead to a profit loss which is never a good thing. Businesses are now putting more emphasis on their reputation not just for profits but for longevity and future earnings.

After 2008 the financial direction has taken a different turn, no longer are you aiming for short returns you now need to make sure what you do today prepares you for tomorrow. In other words each day you are preparing for your future so it is important that you don't do anything to jeopardize it. It is for this very reason I believe we are going to see businesses become more customer centered they now have a clear understanding that the longevity and survival of their company depends on customer satisfaction.

When the customer speaks listen, they are going to be honest and upfront with you. But beyond listening you must take action it will speak louder than anything you do.

Help with Yelp! (and other reviews)

There are dozens of online resources and social networking sites based on user-generated reviews. Yelp is one such site. It is an online urban city guide, assisting users in finding places to eat, drink, shop, play, and much more. Services such as Yelp grant users the ability to search by location or cuisine, providing detailed knowledge of a business before they venture into a store to shop the aisle, or before they reserve a seat at a local bistro. 

There are intricate systems of rating to determine the quality of service, the noise level, decor, prices, coupons, accessibility, menu, taste, and many other categories. Many of these elements can be controlled within the walls of your restaurant, if the menu is lacking, you have the power to change the recipes, if the decor is poor, you could hang new wallpaper.  But, you cannot as easily control or change the virtual appearance and reputation of your restaurant. You can review and approve each bottle of wine that enters the restaurants inventory room, but, how can you review and approve the hundreds of public reviews before they are posted online, spoken on the radio, or published in print?
It only takes one negative review to taint your online reputation. One over-cooked steak, a weak drink, a rainy day that closes your patio seating section. One unsatisfied customer or disgruntled employee. Even a well-meaning patron, attempting to give constructive criticism, could ruin your restaurants onlinereputation

A hiccup in your online reputation, such as a negative review on social networking sites like Yelp, can decrease the number of patrons coming through your doors, determine the type and amount of food they order, these sales can affect the type of staff you have the ability to employ, and eventually corrupt your business so deeply that you may be forced to close your doors and lose your dream.

That may sound extreme; it may sound like a mountain being made from a mole hill, the enormous loss of a business from online reviews and ratings. Unfortunately, this scenario is not uncommon and does not unfold slowly. 

You cannot ignore negative reviews; you cannot expect your customers to ignore negative reviews. You must confront them, and confronting negative reviews takes time and patience. It is important to respond to all reviews, negative and positive. Build an open and respectful online dialog between your business and the public.

Coming Up with the Right Domain Name

When first creating your website, there's a lot riding on what you register as the domain name. If a domain name is made too obscure or inappropriate for your site, you've already taken a huge misstep that damages your chances at a successful website. Domain names that are relevant to you site's interest will market your website for you, gathering viewers who are looking for what you offer through search engines. When thinking up your domain name, you should match it with your site's name or purpose and make it easy to remember.

There are many websites who've taken domain names lightly and registered them contradictory to the website's own name. Your domain name should always reflect what your website is based on. If you have a company called Acme Electronics and you're creating a site for the first time, then your domain name should be "www.acmeelectronics.com" or "www.acme.com," something that uses your company or brand name. An obscure domain name that has nothing to do with the name of your site, business or brand, is going to confuse potential viewers and mislead them to another competitor's site.

If you don't exactly have a brand name, then you should concentrate on creating a domain name that is close to whatever interest your website is based on. Although it may be difficult to get a domain name that is incredibly generic like "weather" or "phones," you can still try for a domain name that's as close to the topic as possible. Take whatever unique aspect that separates your site from others that are similar and try to put it in the domain name. This is a good way to distinguish yourself and use your domain name to attract people who are looking for the specific interest you're selling.

Another tip is to make your domain name memorable. A short and simple domain name is always a good route to go, but you shouldn't diverge from your site's focus just to make it short. Not all short domain names are memorable, especially if it is a series of obscure letters or numbers that don't add up to words or phrases. If you must make a longer domain name to ensure its close relation to your site's name and topic, then don't hesitate to do so.

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What Makes Popular Blogs Popular?

The blogging world is crowded and competitive, so finding a way to break away from the pack can be a tremendous hurdle. You can help your own blog by taking a look at some of the more successful blogs on the Internet to see what aspects make them work and how those aspects can improve yours. I'm not telling you to steal all their ideas, but to compare how their appearance relates to your own. If you take hints from others and spin them with your own unique ideas, your blog may find the following you've always wanted.

Many popular blogs have organized their content with the general public's attention span in mind. A common set-up follows close to the way Digg organizes its articles, using boxes with a headline, picture and short description of the article's topic. These boxes are aligned so that a reader doesn't have to strain looking for material to read. Economically sound organization creates a professional feel and provides a reader with all the information necessary for them to decide if the content is worth reading further. If the reader is interested, then they click or tap on the box and are brought to the full article.

Pictures and videos help draw the eye of a reader towards content, which then makes it more likely for them to invest time into reading the material. Many of the more popular blogs accompany pictures and videos with the subject at hand, providing an anchor to capture the interest of a reader. Colorful, bold and creative pictures posted next to an article or post is often the most important selling point to a reader, so make sure to choose your images wisely. Keep pictures and videos clear and on topic in order to utilize them effectively.

The most popular blogs have a professional layout that places links to other sections or topics within the first screen that a page viewer will come into contact with. You mustn't force your readers to search hard for whatever they're looking for, because that will be cause for the viewer to leave and lose interest in returning. Links to other blogs and social media sites are present on all the popular blogs and can help yours spread out to a wider audience.

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From Fame to Infamy

Being thrust into the public eye can be so overwhelming that keeping up a good image becomes a monumental task. Many famous celebrities have fallen victim to the hyperactive world of fame, finding themselves looked down at as something less than human and in severe cases, end up dead. All the examples of public figures who have fallen from grace share the same downward spiral that dragged them into misery and shame. For those trying to grow a newly found fame, learning from past celebrity mistakes can help you steer clear of trouble and maintain a positive image.

Once a public figure starts down a road of trouble, they often have a difficult time recovering and retaining a stable life. Bad publicity can weigh heavy on those who don't have the right defense, causing depressive symptoms that may lead to irrational acts or drug abuse. Maintaining a strong armor to fend off bad publicity is essential, but if a celebrity's pride becomes too sensitive, they may not handle any negative situation correctly. Helpful friends and family members also add to a strong resistance, but too many celebrities surround themselves with bad influences who just add to their problems.

Further down the road of decline, celebrities begin to cope with excess stress by delving into poor behavior. Drugs are an epidemic in the world of fame, taking hold of many gifted souls with great potential who desperately wish to escape the immense pressure, only to sink deeper. Under the influence, celebrities begin to make bad decisions that lead to a life of crime or public humiliation that further cements their fate. Staying above the hardships and maintaining one's health are the answers to rebound from traumatic events and start the healing process.

Although the tragic cases are numerous, there are also the figures who recovered from drugs or other poor lifestyles to become prominent role models in society. Rehabilitating one's life from severe crisis is an enormous obstacle, but taking one step at a time and holding on to the most important things in life are the keys to reform. With the severe scrutiny that has developed during the Internet Age, it has become more and more difficult to fend off the destructive aspects of fame, but if you have a tough resistance and strong resolve, nobody can bring you down.