Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Trends of Social Media

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Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all tap into the trends of current culture, and understanding the reasons behind these trends can help you or your business adapt appropriately. As the Internet becomes increasingly connected with everyday life, certain tasks that were once time consuming and difficult have now become quick and simple. Naturally, we want to replicate this simplicity in as many areas of life as possible, leaving more time for the things we want to do. Facebook was created with all this in mind, taking the difficult task of staying in touch with others and simplifying it down to one place where we can find everyone we know.

As Facebook grew in popularity, new opportunities to simplify social life came into the fray. Facebook allowed room for companies and interest groups to create their own pages that connect not only to users who have an interest in them, but to the friends of these users as well. Then, social media sites like LinkedIn took the business aspect of Facebook and put it at the forefront, creating network opportunities for the professional, working half of a person's life. Now, people don't just want to build a network for friends online, but for their business or occupation as well.

Even before Facebook and LinkedIn rose to be prominent pieces of popular culture, blogging was used to take one's voice and reach out to a wider audience. Blogs were not necessarily created to connect to other people we know, but to people we don't know, for a variety of reasons including business or simply wanting to be heard. Twitter capitalized on this by giving each individual a voice that carries across a large population, linked by hashtags that represent the topic at hand.

So, what does all of this mean for you or your business? Well, by keeping these trends in mind, you become aware of the wants and needs of the people behind them. Social media was created to simplify people's lives, network for both personal and occupational reasons, and give people a voice that can be heard. If you want to excel in gaining likes or followers, then you must understand why social media is used and adjust your interests accordingly. If promoting to gain likes or followers has proven difficult, Centel Media™ has social media services that can help.

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